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Every morning for the past two years, year-old Mark not his real name has woken up at 6 a. He tips the bitter white powder straight from the scale into his mouth, washing it down with a sugar-free energy drink before he skips off to his tech management job, where he says the drug has made him successful way beyond his potential.

Phenibut has been around since the s. It was developed in Soviet Russia as an anti-anxiety medication, but according to Edward Jouneydirector of the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Program at the University of Michigan School of Medicine, its popularity as a recreational drug has begun to sweep across Europe to the United States in the past few years. During that time, Google searches for phenibut have skyrocketed as a growing amount of online retailers like NootropicsDepot and LiftMode add it to their inventory and internet fora like Reddit and Drugs-Forum have exploded with user stories and discussions that were absent just a few years prior.

And while Jouney says the phenibut craze is so new that no studies have attempted to quantify its rise in the U. Legally getting litty.

Know what the bio for the page is? It can also make you horny, apparently. Thirty-two year-old Samuel, a sales representative who uses phenibut to treat his anxiety and depression, says that while phenibut really helps him with empathy and productivity, his favorite effect is how much it increases his libido and stamina in bed.

Thing is, phenibut users actually agree with this statement, which is where things really get interesting. Certain people communicated this to me more forcefully than others. Mark agrees. Diarrhea seems to be the main one: Phenibut is infamous online for its gastrointestinal side effects, which include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and — no joke — sharting.

I've taken Phenibut daily for 5 years at doses of 70g+ a day. Here's my story

Some users have also reported visual disturbances, tremors, tinnitusextreme sleepiness and other assorted disconcerting central-nervous-system symptoms like headache, insomnia, confusion and depression. Some phenibut users can also develop a tolerance to the drug within days of their first dose, making it so they have to take much more of it to feel the same effects. This can increase the risk of bad reactions and might even lead to withdrawal symptoms like severe rebound anxiety, insomnia and psychosis.

Redditor Smokey knows first hand what phenibut withdrawal is like. The first time he took it, he felt amazing, like he was rolling on MDMA. He started with a gram in the mornings, but developed a rapid tolerance. After just a month, he needed nine grams a day to feel the same effect, which is far beyond the recommended dose which, by the way, is recommended by usersnot medical professionals or researchers.

It started to feel speedy rather than euphoric, and he chewed up the insides of his cheeks as he became wracked with anxiety. Then the sleeping problems started. Paradoxically, some people never become addicted or build a tolerance to phenibut. Jouney says the difference in hits and misses is the same difference that underlies the reasons why all addictions affect some people and not others. It just masks them. For that reason, anyone seeking a competitive edge or a push-button solution to their problems might do better to look into more regulated and well-researched nootropics and substances like modafinil or even psilocybin.

Most importantly, start low and slow. Both Maier and BobDee recommend dipping your toes in with between and mg, and taking only a single dose about once a week.I have dealt with this same problem as you.

You see, I too came across phenibut not too long ago. I heard about it from one of my friends. He said that he was dealing with severe anxiety, and Phenibut was able to help him. A lot. And I believed him.

So I tried it myself. Fast forward 3 weeks and I got a call for a new job. My first interview was in a week.

And they are doing drug tests. A little freaked out, I suddenly came off Phenibut. Cold Turkey. I wanted to do everything in my power to make sure nothing came up on the tests. I started getting nervous sweats out of nowhere. It was pretty scary. Then came the bouts of insomnia. Since Phenibut helps you sleep, I guess I disrupted my sleep cycle or something. Falling asleep was just too damn hard.

no phenibut withdrawal reddit

Yes, taking this supplement correctly is amazing. You could in fact go visit sweet old Gam Gam buzzing off your incredible Phenbiut High completely worry free. Try doing that with weed then getting pulled over for a blown out taillight, rolling down the window only to greet Johnny Law reeking with the stench of fresh gange.

What we are all gathered here today is to discuss the mild and sometimes not so mild inconvenience of a Phenibut withdrawal. Yes its true, Phenibut is not the perfect drug you are told. Lets face it, when you are dealing with something that feels this good, naturally you run the risk of addiction.

In fact, because some people have totally turned their life around with Phenibut, they often rely on it too much. And that can lead to some problems. Today, not only will you know everything about Phenibut withdrawal but after reading this article, you will be armed with all the tools to never experience Phenibut Withdrawal in the first place. This includes the proper Phenibut Dosage to take, when to take it, and how to maximize your results on the smallest Phenibut dose possible.

As with any drug, Phenibut withdrawal is something your body goes through when it becomes so used to getting dopamine and GABA what Phenibut indirectly gives you that it stops producing these compounds naturally. This results in withdrawal because when you suddenly stop taking Phenibut, your body cannot create enough dopamine and GABA naturally to match the levels you were getting while off the supplement.

Without getting too scientific, this causes a whole host of problems. As your body attempts to recover, you might experience increased anxiety, reduced appetite and many other side effects that we will discuss shortly…. Your exact risk for Phenibut Withdrawal depends on many factors. Ranging from your body weight, dosing schedule, dose amount, if you dose on a full or empty stomach… the list goes on.

Simply put, you are at the highest risk for Phenibut Addiction and Withdrawal if you are on the lighter side under poundsdose more than 3 days a week and over 2 grams each time you take it, and dose Phenibut while on an empty stomach.

What you are about to read are the early warning signs of Phenibut withdrawal. If you experience any of these even just a little bit during your off days of your Phenibut Dosing cycle, please refer to our 3 easy steps to cure Phenibut Withdrawal below.

Anxiety : This is interesting because this is the very emotion that Phenibut erases. Nevertheless, not controlling your dosing can cause addiction. If you find yourself feeling a little more anxious than usual, please take action before things get worse.Phenibut is a safe supplement with many health benefits. More importantly, if you use phenibut often, never quit without tapering because otherwise you have to deal with withdrawal.

You probably want to know:. This will cut days and speed up the process. It works by binding to GABA receptors and blocks stress hormones from entering the brain.

Too much stress hormones in your system translate to memory loss, depression, anxiety, and brain fog. All these are symptoms of Phenibut withdrawal. The trick is to drop mg by mg and see how your body respond. Your anxiety can be mild or severe depending on the dose. Vomiting is a sign you tapered down fast or if at all.

Phenibut adjusts the brain to more GABA and therefore produces extra receptors.

How Long Does Withdrawal From Phenibut Last?

When more is available you also need a higher dose. This is why you should never quit cold turkey. Because if you do you will experience other side effects including:. Another side effect some people experience is primal fear. This is kinda awkward. But normal human defense behavior. Meditation can help you cope with this. Use the remedies to speed up the process. The primal senses are heightened and I believe withdrawal from other substances are sped up if that makes sense.

I was hooked on high daily doses of phenibut for months and found gabapentin to be a live saver. I switched to that and did a 3 week taper with ativan as needed for anxiety. Best of luck to anyone currently battling this beast.

Can you email me please. Need to taper. I have baclofen. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Skip to content Share. Richard says:. Adrian Anderson says:. Angie says:. Close dialog.Phenibut is informally marketed as a nootropic, and something that can lift you out of symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, and alcohol withdrawal.

But the problem is that overuse can lead to Phenibut withdrawal, creating problems of its own while solving others. The problem comes with how it is used.

But doctors are prescribing around mg per dose, to be taken times a day. So the average daily dose is usually mg or less. The problem comes when people are taking doses approaching mg and even higherto achieve feelings that Phenibut is not really designed for, namely intense euphoria Phenibut highhappiness, and an intense nootropic focus. Phenibut interacts with the GABA receptors in our brain, plus it also hits the dopamine receptors.

Because these receptors help to lower anxiety and increase pleasure, long-term use of higher doses can lead to those receptors depending on Phenibut, which can certainly lead to addiction.

The other problem is that the increased dose can lead to tolerance. This is when the receptors need higher, and higher doses to get the same effects. Those effects will be felt as that rush of pleasure, calmness, and focus, but can become addictive.

Withdrawal symptoms are caused when the dependency of the receptors in the body kicks in, meaning when they stopped receiving Phenibut to stimulate them. There is then an adjustment period, where they slowly return to normal.

This can be days, weeks, and in rare instances months. You may also experience rebound symptoms. This is not common, but it is possible. Rebound symptoms happen where the original symptoms Phenibut was suppressing, now come back with a vengeance.

The higher the dose is you have been taking, and the more regular they have been, the more dependent you will be. This can lead to quite a vicious backlash of withdrawal symptoms. However, on a positive note, the evidence suggests that the major symptoms start to tail off after about a week.

So you should be over the worst within seven days, and often earlier. In rare cases, where dosage has been high and sustained, a condition called post-acute withdrawal symptoms PAWS is possible. This is where dependency is so great, that withdrawal lasts for a very long time, and can also trigger long-term psychological issues, such as anxiety or depression. When it comes to trying to beat Phenibut withdrawal, you can help to minimize how long Phenibut withdrawal lasts, with a few strategies:.

But if you are going to taper your doses and frequency, make sure you have a plan. Work out the timeline, and stick to it. That way you will be less likely to stray from what you want to achieve. Most clinics lower the dose on a weekly basis, with the aim of removing the dependency in months. Tags: phenibut withdrawal. Table of Contents.It was, and remains, approved there to treat a variety of disorders, including insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Because phenibut was never approved by the FDA, it remains unavailable here as a prescription medication. Although it is still unknown to most Americans, phenibut use has grown in recent years due to its widespread availability on the internet. Phenibut is used and abused for a variety of purposes.

As a central nervous system depressant, it can relieve anxiety and induce euphoria. This makes it an appealing alternative to people struggling with alcohol or opioid dependence. It is less sedating than some other anti-anxiety medications because it also has stimulating properties at low dosages, and is a purported nootropic. Nootropicsalso known as smart drugs, help to increase focus.

Due to these combined effects, phenibut is often used to reduce social anxiety, become more sociable, and get work or studying done. Unfortunately, phenibut tolerance can develop within weeks of occasional use. This leads people to take higher and higher doses, increasing the likelihood of a difficult withdrawal experience. Phenibut is a synthetic, designer drug, but its chemical structure is very similar to that of a naturally occurring amino acid known as GABA.

no phenibut withdrawal reddit

It is through this loophole that phenibut, a GABA lookalike, can be legally bought and sold in the U. People often assume that legal nutritional supplements are safer than illegal drugs, even when taken daily in large doses.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are many risks to taking unregulated nutritional supplements like phenibut, and chief among them is the potential for dependence and withdrawal. Reports have begun surfacing of phenibut withdrawal symptoms so severe that people require hospitalization. Symptoms can include severe anxiety and agitation along with tremors, nausea, and vomiting.

There have been reports of serious psychotic symptoms such as auditory and visual hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia. Phenibut withdrawal is different for everyone. Other people take moderate doses two to three times a week for a few months and end up suffering severe symptoms when they try to stop.

Still, others take high doses for only a few consecutive days and end up in the hospital. Doctors and researchers in this part of the world have little understanding of phenibut withdrawal. It is not easily recognized in clinical settings and there are no standard treatment protocols.What Is Phenibut?

no phenibut withdrawal reddit

Instead, Phenibut provides an increase in alertness, cognitive processes, memory retention and an increased drive of motivation. Phenibut is one of a very select group of drugs that provides motivation, clarity of thought, energy, and focus. Additionally, there are some medicines that should not be taken in conjunction with this nootropic- like carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine, and other MAO inhibitors that enhance drowsiness.

Phenibut is considered a wonder drug by some. Many countries especially Russia and Europe prescribe Phenibut as a very safe and very effective sleep disorder medication, as well as to promote lucid dreaming, fight depression and nervousness, and open to open up the world so that people can enjoy it more.

Many believe that it has the same properties as other Nootropic substances that are often compared to this product, and which also have effects such as:. Because we understand how this substance works, we can also shed some light on how it affects the brain, the side effects associated with Phenibut, the possible hazards, the potential benefits, and the withdrawal information.

Most adverse side effects are related to hallucinogenic psychosis of those who are trying to catch a buzz off of this product as some recreational users do- responsibly. What is important is that Phenibut is an all-natural substance that works to increase memory, boosting concentration and mental energy to give you calm feelings of inner-peace and well-being.

Derived from supplements that create an anxiolytic sleep promoting effect, this derivative of the brain neurotransmitter GABA, responsible for many different processes in the brain. Users of different experience levels will experience different effects. As an affordable, effective anti-depressant, Phenibut is no more dangerous than any other mood altering substance benzos or otherwise that provides effective relief for the debilitating conditions associated with insomnia, restlessness, and anxiety.

What Symptoms Should I Expect From Phenibut Withdrawal?

Many users would rather suffer mild when used properly side effects of a generally effective anti-depressant mood improving substance than take more regulated substances. We highly believe that anyone already relying on different psychoactive drugs research Phenibut to see if it is right for you. Many of those suffering from debilitating conditions have reported significant improvements from the integration of racetams like Phenibut, especially for increased focus and concentration.

Phenibut was first discovered by a scientist named V. It was discovered in a naturally occurring process years ago, and works to provide many excellent effects of other drugs without negative side effects.

Initially developed to improve brain function, many developers have found that it stacks well with other ingredients of other nootropics, decreasing stress and improving mood along with a boost to your mental function. Phenibut is exceptionally easy to use. All you have to do is take a normal dose between mgmg every day, later in the day to prevent possible lethargy. When ingested which is the most effective way to take Phenibut users report feeling extreme confidence, comfort, and relaxation.

Unlike their counterparts, those who use Phenibut reported feeling better within a few days, while some forms of medication take months to see solid results.

Anything can be lethal at the right doses.Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Latest activity. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Phenibut withdrawal symptoms and timeline.

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Phenibut withdrawal symptoms and timeline

I started abusing phenibut few months ago, and usage grew so high, that at one point, I was daily dosing upwards of twenty five to thirty grams. They come in mg capsules, mind you, and I was popping fifty and sixty of them daily. Apart from that, I was also using cannabis and alcohol. Right now, I don't know why exactly I did all that I did. I landed up in the ER and after less than a day was sent home.

I've spent the last two weeks trying to help my brain get back to normal, and have been taking piracetam and choline. The withdrawal effects from stopping phenibut are terrible.

It makes my heart race all night, and I don't manage to get a wink of sleep. So, yesterday, I took just ONE gram of phenibut.

Today, my mind feels so foggy, I don't know whether I am going forward or in reverse. It's hard to explain. I am desperately seeking an appointment from my psychiatrist's secretary.

I can't expect the choline and piracetam to work a miracle, or bring back my normal abilities immediately, so for the time being, I really need something to help deal with this phenibut withdrawal. Phenibut may have permanently damaged my memory.

It's hard to say. I should probably add herethat my psychiatrist has me taking prozac 20 mg per day, which I do take on and off. I could really use some ideas here. Lorigh New Member. Don't worry, you are lucky, I know just how to deal with what you are going through. In the past, I once did about g of phenibut, over a weekend, and then went through pretty much what you described. Prior to that, I had always thought that people who talked about how horrible phenibut was were just exaggerating.

It turns out, phenibut withdrawal easily ranks among the worst withdrawals possible. If you do so, you can forget about quitting phenibut, or even knowing who you are or where you are anymore. It will just mess you up. Take it from me.

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